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Masse Moro is a Norwegian heritage camp for youth ages 9-15 years old sponsored by the Sons of Norway Fifth District. Since 1979, we've been helping youth celebrate their Norwegian heritage and getting families connected to Sons of Norway through our cultural immersion experience.     At camp, participants will learn Norwegian, build friendships, and gain important life skills like problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork through our Viking Olympics programming.     Campers will also try their hand at becoming master craftspeople through woodworking, painting, leather work, and chip carving.  experience exciting tales and Nordic myths, and celebrate Norway's rich history and traditions. We welcome you to join us this summer!



What campers can expect when they come to Masse Moro is to let go of their American culture for two weeks and learn about the culture and heritage of Norway. It's a great opportunity for them to take a break from technology and video games, and to make new friends and learn about another culture. Campers will participate in a set of daily activities which include learning Norwegian camp songs, taking a Norwegian vocabulary class suited to their ability level, team sports like soccer, exposure to a variety of traditional Norwegian folk arts, and Viking sports which culminate in the Viking Olympics at the end of the camp session. Check out our Daily Schedule.


Masse Moro is open to both boys and girls between the ages of 9-15 years old. (Campers must be 9 as of the first day of camp. No exceptions.) A two-week sleep-away camp,  campers stay in cabins (furnished with bunk beds) along with 2-3 staff members and an additional 9-12 other campers. This small cozy, air conditioned, atmosphere creates a bonded tight-knit cabin that creates a home away from home where campers feel safe and comfortable. 

Not a Sons of Norway member? Not a problem. Sons of Norway membership is also not a requirement to attend our camp, but one of the many great benefits of membership is tuition assistance for the Masse Moro program. The money you could potentially save in tuition for sending one child to our camp for one session would be enough to cover annual membership dues for approximately the next 5 years, so it is certainly something to be considered. Learn more about membership benefits.


$1,200.00* (compared to over $2,000 for similar camps)
Admission for one camper for the entire two-week session includes tuition, lodging, meals, and activities. 

Applications must be received on or before May 17th in order for your camper to qualify for matching funds through District Five. After May 17th, we will continue to accept applications until July 1st. In order to qualify for District One scholarship support, please turn in your Camper Application to your lodge as early as possible. The scholarship deadlines may be different in other districts, so please communicate with then early for your best chances at financial aid. To learn more about available scholarships, visit our scholarship page. To enroll your camper, visit our forms for campers page.

*May be subject to change.


Our Camp is located in beautiful Northern Wisconsin at the Beaver Creek Nature Reserve in Fall Creek, Wisconsin.  The Youth Camp located at the Nature Reserve featuring 5 cabins, a main lodge with full restaurant grade kitchen, bathroom/shower house (with private showers), 2 large green areas with fire pits, observatory, large sports field, archery range, and additional lodge with a health center area, another basic kitchen, and classroom space. The Youth Camp is within short walking distance (1-2 minutes) of the Main Nature Center and Butterfly House where campers will experience and appreciate the beautiful nature of the area.


The camp address is:

When mailing your camper a letter please include their Norwegian Name in the address. For example:

Jane "Greta" Smith
Sons of Norway - Camp Masse Moro
c/o Beaver Creek Reserve
S1 County Road K
Fall Creek, WI 54742

Phone Number (in case of emergency only): (715) 877-2212
Keep in mind this phone number rings only to the Beaver Creek Reserve main office. You will have to ask them to transf
er you to the youth camp. If you need to get a hold of the staff or your camper for any reason, please contact the Youth Director and she will contact the Camp Director on-site ASAP.  


Youth Director contact information:

Lisa Rove-Williams, Youth Director

(815) 751-8447 


You can also visit our Staff Page for Camp Administrator and Youth Director contact information.

Thank you for contacting us at Masse Moro. Your question has been sent to Lisa Rove-Williams, Youth Director for Sons of Norway Fifth District. If this is an urgent issue, please call Lisa at (815) 751-8447.

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