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Your camper may qualify for support through your local Sons of Norway Lodge, whether you live in District Five or in District One. Please contact your lodge as early as you can to apply for scholarship monies as these funds are often limited. Typically, a parent or grandparent will need to be a member in order to qualify, however this may vary by lodge. 

It is best to contact your local lodge treasurer to discuss the application process. To find out about lodges in your area, please visit the Sons of Norway lodge directory


Award: A typical lodge endorsement is $250.00, then there is a possible District Five Match of an additional $250.00. 

In order to qualify for matching funds, your camper(s) must have completed the camper application, lodge endorsement and matching funds form, put in the mail by May 17 for consideration. If you are able to secure an endorsement from a District Five Lodge (or if you win the Sarah L. Paulsen Memorial Scholarship), you will be eligible for District Five Matching Funds. For questions regarding District Five Lodge sponsorship and matching funds, please contact the District 5 Youth Director.


To be eligible for district one support, your camper application must be turned in by May 17th of a given year. Use the District One Lodge Support Form to apply for matching funds. 

For more information, please contact: 
Carolyn Townsend
District One Scholarship Coordinator
1268 146th Ave. NW
Andover, MN 55304
Phone: (763) 434-5650





This application will be required for the following scholarships – application must be received by May 17.

  1. First Time Camper Scholarship*: First-year (have never attended Masse Moro before) campers are eligible for a $50 credit toward their tuition regardless of Sons of Norway affiliation, age, or gender. Scholarships will be given by random selection.

  2. Invite a Friend Scholarship*: For a current camper who invites a friend (attending camp for the first time), will each receive a $100 credit toward their registration. Indicate the name of your friend below.

  3. Additional Assistance*: To receive financial assistance toward Camp costs. To apply, complete this application and mail or email to the District Five Youth Director. (A camper application must accompany this application, unless you have already submitted an application for this year's camp session.)

*May be subject to change according to the donations given to us.


Award: There will be 3 scholarships made available in the amount of $300.00 each for 2024! This is the last year this scholarship is available. 

The Sarah L. Paulsen Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of eight-year-old Sarah Paulsen, of Scandiana Lodge 600, who passed away in August of 1995. Sarah was very involved with the Sons of Norway and was fascinated with her family's background and with Norwegian Culture. It is her family's wish that Sarah's love of Norway would carry on by assisting other children with their tuition to Masse Moro. The scholarship is open to any child age 9-15, who is interested in learning about the language and culture of Norway. The applicant must be a child or grandchild of a Sons of Norway member, belonging to a District Five Lodge. Application materials must be postmarked by April 15. Decisions will be made by May 1, and winners will be notified by mail. Checks will be mailed directly to the scholarship recipient before June 1.  Along with the completed application, the applicant will write an essay of no more than 500 words on the topic of "Why I believe it is important to know about our heritage" or "Why I want to attend Norwegian Heritage Camp". Applicant will include 2 letters of reference.

Please Note - receipt of this award will not affect the camper's eligibility for matching funds from District Five. Please also apply for assistance from your lodge and the District Five matching funds scholarship - which has a different due date - May 17th

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