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Every day campers follow a schedule, known at Masse Moro as the Timeplan. This helps keep the day at Masse Moro running smoothly. Here's a sneak peak at what happens every day at camp! We integrate Norwegian vocabulary and language into all of our activities. 



FLAG RAISING:  We raise and lower the Norwegian flag to mark the beginning and end of the day. 

MEALS AT MASSE MORO: We serve three meals and a snack everyday. Our meals are a mix of Norwegian and American cuisine. Every meal is started and ended with a short Norwegian song.

GROUP SING-A-LONGS: Songs are a great way for kids to learn the language. Every day we meet as a camp to learn new songs and sing old favorites.

LANGUAGE CLASSES: Language classes are taught twice daily. Campers are divided into levels based on their experience and knowledge. Campers learn through games and interactive experiences.

ACTIVITY & FOLK ART CLASSES: Campers can sign-up to take 5-day and      2-day classes. Examples include: Rosemaling, baking, folk dance, sewing/knitting, mythology or runes class, Viking arts, jewelry making, woodworking, or hiking.

SPORTS: Soccer, volleyball, hiking, archery, field hockey, and handball are all celebrated sports in Norway. Campers will get to try new sports and activities.

CAMP STORE/FREE TIME: During a free period, campers are able to visit the camp store and purchase Norwegian treats, books, music, or other goods.

VIKING GAMES: Campers learn leadership, respect, and honor as they form Viking Families and learn the games of the old age. The last day of camp, campers will compete in a day long Viking Olympics.

EVENING CULTURAL & HISTORICAL PROGRAMMING: The highlight of the day is a large evening program involving the entire camp exploring various topics and issues such as Norwegian history, the whaling industry, immigration, Nordic Gods, popular Norwegian music, or learning about the Sami.  After the program, everyone gathers around the campfire to reflect and discuss what was learned that day or perhaps enjoy the re-telling of a Nordic myth.

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The Cultural Skills Program is open to all Sons of Norway members, both through their lodges or as individual participants. Your camper will be eligible to earn pins and medals as a youth member. Youth membership is FREE for children (15 and under) whose parents or grandparents are active members (active meaning a current paying member) of Sons of Norway. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (800) 945-8851 

To apply for Youth Membership, check out the Sons of Norway District 5 website.

The Cultural Skills Program serves a variety of purposes: 

  • To encourage active participation in both traditional and contemporary Norwegian-North American pursuits

  • To enrich the lives of members of all ages

  • To provide the basis for special interest clubs within our lodges

  • To provide new reasons for people to join Sons of Norway

The awards are as follows:

  • Specialist: One who wishes to go in depth in one area, e.g. Hardanger embroidery or genealogy, etc

  • Generalist: One who samples several skills and qualify for the basic level in each, for example: stamp collecting, crafts, and Norwegian foods.

  • Mentor: One who is skilled in activities offered in the Norwegian Cultural Skills Program can do a different challenge: mentor others who need formal or informal instruction. The mentor is an extremely important person in passing on the Norwegian heritage to others.

  •  Master of Cultural Skills: One who has completed at least three levels of three different skills, or nine individual basic activities.


Campers will have the opportunity to participate in selected units of the Cultural Skills Program each summer while they are at camp. It is our hope that when campers return home, that they will continue to work on these units to earn the pins and recognition. 

Please keep in mind that campers are only eligible to receive credit for completing these activities if they are Youth Members of Sons of Norway. However, they are fun activities to do with your family to learn more about your heritage or about the culture of Norway.

To access the units, you must be a Sons of Norway Member. Log in, or sign up at:

Cultural Skills / Sports Medals Units offered at Masse Moro To Date: 

  • Figure Carving

  • Folk Dancing

  • Idrettsmerke 

Youth Cultural Skills 

  • Folk Dancing

  • Figure Carving

  • Handknitting 

  • Norwegian and North American Stamps

  • Hardanger Embroidery 

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