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Inspire future Masse Moro campers by supporting our program!

Please note - donations made to Masse Moro are tax-deductible under our current tax status. Masse Moro will send a receipt for all donations received so that you may provide this information to your tax preparer. 

The Tax Status of Sons of Norway District V is 501(c)(8) - Fraternal Beneficiary Society 




Does your lodge want to sponsor our camp? If so, please have your lodge executives write us a letter according to the following guidelines and return it to us! 

Please make checks payable to: Nordic Legacy Foundation

Mail check and letter to:


Lisa Rove-Williams 

District 5 Youth Director

771 W. Dresser Road

DeKalb, IL 60115

Please write a letter clearly stating the following:

  1. Lodge Number and Name

  2. Lodge President and Treasurer Names, Signatures, and Contact Information

  3. Amount of Donation

  4. Donation made in support of Sons of Norway District V Heritage Camp - Masse Moro

  5. State if the gift is a One Time Gift or an Annual Gift. If an annual gift, we will need a letter accompanying the check each year and we will request the gift annually until we receive notification from you that you would like to discontinue the gift.

  6. Intent for funds:

    • Unrestricted - Masse Moro may use the funds as needed

    • Education - Norwegian Culture and Language Classes

    • Tuition - District V Camper

    • Tuition - District I Camper

    • Tuition - Any Camper

  7. Attribution: What would like us to attribute your gift to?

    • Make this gift completely anonymous

    • Lodge Name and Number - Amount of gift not shared

    • Lodge Name and Number - Amount of gift shared

    • In honor of: (full name of person)

    • In memory of: (full name of person)



Do you want to personally contribute to our program? Please do! Your support is very much appreciated and will change the lives of the campers who attend our program!

To make an electronic donation, please select the amount you'd like to donate using the green buttons at the top of the page and follow the prompts. 

If you'd like to mail a donation instead of making a contribution online - please send to (make checks payable to Nordic Legacy Foundation):


Lisa Rove-Williams 

District 5 Youth Director

771 W. Dresser Road

DeKalb, IL 60115

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